Contract Projects and Consulting

Aside from building unique games and VR experiences, AVCV is also available for contract projects which fit within the scope and schedule of the studio. Below are a few details regarding our services, experience and capabilities. Please contact with your inquiries!


The Studio

Angeles Vista Creative Ventures, LLC (AVCV) is a California State registered business, based in Los Angeles. The studio was founded in 2013 by Micah Jackson. We always carry General Commercial Liability and Errors and Omission insurance which is backed by Hiscox. Our staff fluctuates based on project needs and we scale to accommodate any necessary challenges. Our current collaborators include seasoned professionals in the following fields:

  • Graphic & Web Design

  • Print Design

  • Unity Development

  • Animation (2D & 3D)

  • Concept Art

  • Sound Design and Mastering

  • 3D Modeling

  • VR Development

  • Android & iOS Development

The Founder

Micah Jackson has worked in the gaming industry for over 15 years and has nearly 20 years of professional creative experience under his belt. He started out working for an ad agency, fresh out of college, doing print and web design for clients like Playboy and JiffyLube. He was then recruited by one of the first online, digital music services, RioPort, to design web pages and promotional banners. From there, he was snapped up by Atari to design marketing sites and rebrand their online presence. Not much later, AOL recruited him to launch and manage the Games sections of their new Kids and Teens portals RED and KOL. After several years of running two of the most highly trafficked sites on AOL, he was recruited by Yahoo Games to manage the daily editorial publishing and support marketing partnerships with publishers like EA and Activision. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited by Disney Interactive to produce online games for Walt Disney Studios. At Disney, he managed a team of producers and oversaw a budget of $1.5MM annually for the development of online and mobile game content. In 2013, he founded AVCV, LLC to pursue his own game ideas with the goal of one day running his own development studio. In January of 2017, he left his last “day job” at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to work full-time on AVCV projects. His latest project is a cinematic VR experience called ‘Where Angels Meet’ which was funded by Oculus. For more information on Micah Jackson, please visit:

The Work

In a short period of time, AVCV has been fortunate to receive contract work from a prestigious collective of companies and studios. The resulting works involved globally known IP, games, shows and theme park attractions. Clients include:

Mobile and Console Game Production Contract

Mobile and Console Game Production Contract

VR Content Production and Development

VR Content Production and Development

Theme Park Attraction Project Management

Theme Park Attraction Project Management



Although AVCV may be a small studio, our capabilities are vast! Given the range of professional projects and experience we possess, we are confident in the services we provide to our clients. A few of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative Development

  • Creative Strategy & Concept

  • Creative Production / Management

  • Game Design

  • Game Development

  • Game Production /Management

  • VR Production

  • Branding (Logos/ID)

  • Web Design

  • Print Design